E commerce or e business is exchange of goods and services or transmission of funds over an electronic channel primarily through the internet. Every time individuals and entities are buying or selling things online and they’re engaging in ecommerce. There are many Platforms that are hosting e-commerce transactions where the sellers can simply sign up to the websites and make transactions with few clicks. People could benefit from e-commerce in different ways by consuming their time and travel expenses. It allows the visitors to shop at anytime and purchase what they want with an international reach.

E-Commerce payment solutions have sprouted dramatically over the last years with merchants and consumers both shifted digitally with their mobile and website and dominated as the top channels of accepting payments. The modern payment technology became an instrument to the growth of e-commerce by making it easy for customers to shop online and for merchants to support e-commerce. With e-payments, merchants are in a place where they need the technology and partnerships to support not only credit card payments but payments from digital wallets and buy now, pay later transactions. Payment technology has several benefits for both the merchant and the customer.

Payment Solution

Offers Payment Gateway Integrations like KNET, PayPal etc

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